Concrete a chain link fence

There are several ways you can attach the fence posts. One of these is the mounting of fence posts on dot or strip foundations. We have summarized here for you how to proceed with the setting in of a chain link fence.

Fastening techniques for fence posts (wire mesh)

Of course, not the wire mesh itself should be embedded in concrete. After all, you also need to be able to tension the chain link fence. Rather, it is about the attachment of the posts on the ground. You can differentiate the following fence post placement techniques:

  • Fastening the posts with impact sleeves (ground spikes)
  • Attach the fence posts on or to concrete bases
  • Attach the posts in a concrete foundation

Requirements for the fence foundation

When attaching the fence posts in a concrete foundation, you must take into account the specifics caused by the weather. For the foundation to be frost-proof, it must be at least 80 cm deep underground. Otherwise, it may happen that the water collecting under the foundation will freeze the concrete foundation during freezing, causing the entire fence to suddenly skew.

Gravel layer for drainage

In addition, there must be a compacted layer of gravel under the concrete foundation so that water can run better. Therefore, the foundation should be dug up to 100 cm deep. Ultimately, the only question left is whether you prefer point foundations or a strip foundation. With the latter foundation, you can adjust the fence height upwards if necessary.

  • fence posts
  • Anchor sleeves or anchor plates for concrete foundations
  • Ready mixed concrete or sand, cement, possibly gravel
  • Gravel for the foundation of the foundation
  • auger
  • pimple
  • shovel
  • possibly wheelbarrow
  • Drilling machine with stirring bar or large foundations Concrete mixer
  • Mortar bucket or mortar trough
  • spirit level
  • guide
  • Hydrostatic level
  • possibly tool for attaching the anchor plates

1. planning work

First, you must determine the foundation points. For this you need the guideline.

2. Lifting the foundations

For point foundations we recommend the use of earth drills. Lift the foundations up to 100 cm deep.

3. Apply gravel layer and compact

Now fill the gravel layer about 10 cm high and compact it.

4. Align the fence posts in height

If you use anchor sleeves for foundations, insert the fence posts into them. Now set two of the posts and compare their height on the Schlauchwasserwaage, Depending on your needs, you can now fill some gravel or use less gravel. Also, make sure the posts are in the water and in a run.

5. Pour concrete foundation

Now the individual concrete foundations are poured.

6. Prepare support struts

While you wait for the concrete to dry, you can attach the struts. In many projects, it is sufficient here to attach this on impact sleeves. A foundation does not necessarily have to be cast.

The use of foundations is preferable if you create a strip foundation. You can read more about the assembly of the chain link fence with impact sleeves here.

7. Assembly of the wire mesh fence

Now you can mount the actual chain link fence. Use the separate instructions, as this work always remains the same regardless of the type of attachment for the posts.

Tips & Tricks

A special feature is the chain-link fence mounted on the slope. Follow our link and find out in detail how to proceed with these requirements.

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