Greening a chain link fence

The chain link fence is widespread and popular, but has disadvantages: it is not opaque and often not really nice to look at. One way to change that is justifying the chain link fence. We show possibilities for the greening of the fence.

The chain link fence is extremely widespread. Its enormous popularity owes the chain link fence above all the following characteristics:

  • he is easy to set up
  • he is durable
  • a chain link fence provides adequate security
  • the chain link fence is inexpensive to buy
  • hardly any maintenance

However, the disadvantage lies in the advantages. The meshes are not really beautiful, a chain link fence is too strongly influenced by its industrial design. In addition, the chain link fence is not opaque, which is often unpleasant. Remedy here creates a greening of the fence.

Beautify the wire mesh fence by a greening

The greening of a chain link fence again offers a great deal of creative freedom. So you can choose whether you want to plant the fence yourself or an indirect planting in front of or behind the fence. There are also solutions that are only visible during the summer months. While other greenings work year-round.

Direct greening of the wire mesh fence

In the direct greening most readers will probably immediately ivy. Of course, ivy is a good solution, but it has one drawback: ivy literally spreads like weeds. So the tendril must always be cut at regular intervals.

On the other hand, colorful summery atmospheres produce greenery as with vetches. These offer flowers in all colors. The disadvantage: Wicken are not longtime plants, but must be sown regularly. This also applies to other plants for the greening. Wicken and ivy are suitable for planting in pots or flower boxes.

Another possibility is the greening with wild wine dar. The wine grows fast, but not too fast. The leaves turn into a lush green in autumn after an impressive red. The small (inedible) grapes are a feast for birds.

Indirect greening of the wire mesh fence

The indirect greening of the wire mesh fence is also a good way to use the fence solely as a backup or demarcation, without that he would be constantly visible. The classic indirect greening is the hedge. Here you have many choices of hedge plants. These can simply be grown through the wire mesh fence and easily cut from the outside every year.

Tips & Tricks

It does not always have to be a greening. If the chain link fence is to become opaque, there are other solutions that we describe here in detail. In addition, there is still the possibility to decorate a chain link fence.

Video Board: The Loading Process of PVC Chain Link Fence