Renew a chain link fence

Over time, any fence will be unsightly or damaged. Then the question arises of renewing the fence. There are different approaches. What options do you have, if you want to renew a chain link fence, read here.

Outdoors, everything ages faster

The weather is the biggest enemy of all building materials that are exposed to it - whether plastic, stone or metal. This also applies to all materials that make up a chain link fence:

  • Wire mesh mat galvanized or plastic coated
  • Fence posts made of wood, concrete or metal
  • Fence posts belonging to a double-rod chainlink fence (fitting)
  • with concrete foundation, base or impact sleeves

Now, when you renew your chain link fence, you have the option to renew only parts or the whole fence. When renovating parts, you do not necessarily have to renew all wire mesh mats. You can even partially replace them. However, this will look like patchwork on old weathered fences.

Only renew the fence mats

You save a lot of time and money if you only renew the fence mats. Here, however, you have to consider how they were attached to the posts. In use today is the double-rod chainlink fence. In the ends of the fence mats, the tension rods are inserted. The associated posts are equipped with a mounting on which these tension rods can be mounted.

Everything has to be coordinated

In addition, such fences have top, bottom and possibly centered horizontally extending tension wires. In particular, old wire mesh fences are not always constructed, but attached with simple staples (claws) to the post.

Replace fence on existing concrete base

If there are still concrete bases, it is recommended to renew the entire chain link fence including posts. For the posts then simply new mounting holes drilled in the foundation or in the concrete base and secured with dowels.

The advantage of replacing the complete chain link fence, including the fence posts, is obvious: you can buy all the components of the fence perfectly matched and then set up a completely new fence. The cost of complete fence sets are not so much higher than just for the matching chain link fence (mats).

Tips & Tricks

If you want to renew the complete bridle with the posts, they must be fastened again. You can mount the chain link fence with wrapping sleeves or also embed the chain link fence (of course, the posts are meant). Which options you have with a chain link fence on hand, you can read here in detail.

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