Join a chain link fence

The chain link fence has many advantages. One of them is the fact that he is extremely flexible. This also includes that you can connect a chain link fence relatively easy. The possibilities for connecting a chain link fence are summarized below.

Various connections

The advantages and a relatively low price make the chain link fence so attractive. So you can easily mount a chain link fence on a slope, as it adapts to the slope. When connecting a chain link fence, it depends on what you specifically want to connect:

  • Fence field with fence posts
  • Insert a new piece of wire mesh fence into a mat
  • extend a chain link fence

Connect fence panel with fence post

When connecting a fence panel, so the wire mesh fence, with the post, it depends on what type of chain link fence you use. Priority is the most important question of whether posts and chain link fence designed as a system or independent of each other items.

joining techniques

The systems have two priority variants. On the one hand, the system in which a wire mesh mat with tension rods is attached to the post. On the other hand, a simple chain-link fence, whose ends are wrapped around the pole.

Connect with tension rods

When using the tension rods, the fence does not necessarily have to be shortened at the post. Rather, the tension rods are threaded from top to bottom in the wire mesh mat and then simply connected to the appropriate fortifications with the fence slats.

Connect wire ends

If a simple chain link fence without tie rods is used, the ends are cut off so far enough that there is sufficient overhang for wrapping around the fence post. This variant also works if the chain link fence is to be attached to wooden or concrete posts.

Insert a new piece of wire mesh fence into a fence panel

These are usually two different types of wire mesh fence, as this technique is typically used to repair a chain link fence. The ends of the wire must survive so much that you can twist them together.

When extending, there are also the options already mentioned. If you connect a chain link fence from a pole together and also use tension rods, the procedure is clear. When connecting without tie rods, the wire ends must be reconnected.

Tips & Tricks

Because of the much better stability you should always try to connect a chain link fence to a fence post. When extending, you must also not forget to tension the tensioning of the chain link fence.

Video Board: How to: Joining and Connecting chain link fence together