Increase a chain link fence

Living conditions change. Therefore, the chain link fence can not be high enough at some point. We show you in this guide ways on how you can increase your chain link fence.

The fence height is not always optimal

There are many reasons why a chain link fence might not be high enough. They have moved and the existing fence is simply not high enough. Or the life circumstances have changed, you now have a dog, and that could jump over the much too low fence. Extra to mount a new chain link fence is not necessarily the easiest and most importantly not the cheapest way to fix the problem.

Now there are various ways you can increase an existing chain link fence. But it also depends on how professional the fence should be. You must differentiate according to different criteria:

  • Fastening the fence to fence posts
  • Fastening the fence to concrete posts

Even attaching a chain link fence to concrete posts can be a challenge. This type of post can increase you bad. However, there are metal shoes that can be plugged on posts. These are then simply screwed to the concrete post. If that does not work, you can mount metal posts, ie metal bars, on the posts.

These fence adapters (metal shoes) are also available for conventional fence posts, as used in double rod chain link fence. However, a prerequisite here is that the adapters fit. The less professional solution to concrete and metal posts are bars where you can, for example, attach a net, as is often offered in the garden trade. Especially if, for example, jumping over the fence of a dog should be prevented. At the same time, this form of increase also provides some privacy.

Increase, bend or bend

With the adapters you can put on, you must also distinguish between a straight, so a direct extension of the existing wire mesh fence and curved or angled extensions, which also bring a certain burglary resistance. Because about such fence arches or angles can not be easily climbed.

Alternatives to directly raising the fence

If it's all about safety, you can extend the fence posts only 20 to 30 cm, but then in Y-shape, so on both sides of the fence apart. In the middle you can then spread Natodraht. This wire is then connected to small wires on the longitudinally tensioned wires.

Attention before raising the fence

If you want to increase your fence significantly, you may need to comply with conditions imposed by the landlord or comply with certain heights to the neighbors. You should inquire in advance depending on the project of raising the fence.

Tips & Tricks

An alternative to increasing the chain link fence would be to mount a new chain link fence immediately. You can also increase this by setting the fence posts on raised pedestals.

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