To connect a wire

There are many possibilities and techniques for connecting wire. The most important options for connecting wire are presented in this guide.

Different techniques for connecting wires

Wire can be found in almost every technical area. But do-it-yourselfers are also quite often involved in wires. Most likely still in electrical applications, but also for other work. How you want to connect a wire depends on the specific requirements. So you can connect wire with the following techniques, among others:

  • soldering
  • rödeln
  • twist

The soldering for connecting wire

The most common is soldering wire. However, you have to pay extra attention here, as wire-soldering has several important factors.

Distinction between alloys and soldering techniques

This includes the alloy that makes up the wire. Depending on the existing alloy (based on copper or aluminum, for example), different temperatures are required during soldering. Also important in this context is the distinction between brazing, soft soldering and high temperature brazing (HTL).

Note the oxidation layer

The alloys are also crucial when it comes to the preliminary work. Oxidations are formed on the various alloys. The copper is a little less problematic because it is easy to remove. In the case of aluminum wire, the main problem is that the oxidation layer forms directly on contact with oxygen, ie in the air. The oxidation layers have a higher melting point. Therefore, the solder does not penetrate to the actual metal.

Twisting and dozing as a wire connection

Twisting from the wire is nothing more than making a loop and then wrapping the other end around the same wire. In principle, a loop is formed with nodes. This is exactly what is done when wire is rolled. The dozing is known above all for connecting reinforcing steel mesh to the concrete reinforcement.

Two rods of two mats are wrapped with a metal wire, then the wire end is twisted with the other end of the wire. In particular, when Rödeln the tree rats are still shaken and pulled the wire wrapping even tighter. So the two steel meshes are then really firmly connected.

Tips & Tricks

In the house journal we offer to all connection techniques. For example, here's a guide to soldering copper wire. Of course, we also provide you with guides to other metals and other joining techniques. Please use the search function.

Video Board: Proper Joint of Electric Wire