Witch Costume Accessories

Make spider, raven and cat yourself

Witch Costume Accessories: made

Witch animals belong to the costume of a witch: spiders, ravens and cats. These animals have been associated with magic and black magic since the Middle Ages.

In addition, Pope Innocent VIII announced in 1484 that witches can take on the shape of their witches' animals because they have made a pact with the devil. For this reason even today's little and big Halloween witches wear a suitable witch animal on hat or shoulder.

Contents overview of Witch Costume Accessories

  • Accessories for real witches: making spiders
  • Raven and cat for real witch costumes

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Accessories for real witches: making spiders

Especially the small accessories make a disguise perfect. Spiders are popular companions for little and big witches. Even children can help craft the spiders.

Pompon Spider

Black, soft and scary legs made of black bent plush
at Halloween Kidsaction

Crocheted spider web

150g Black Wool Chain - That's the easy way to crochet spider webs
at Halloween Kidsaction

Creepy spider from garbage bags

Making giant tarantula out of black garbage bags - scary decoration idea for the front yard
Angel in Bloom

Creepy Spider Kids Costume

Crafting instructions for an eight-legged spider costume in black clothes, long socks and newspaper. - No sewing skills required.
at hallo-eltern.de

Spiders made of egg carton

Made of painted egg carton, chenille wire and wobbly eyes - Simple crafting instructions for children
at themommymess

Cuddly spider

made of felt, with embroidered green eyes
at Anima's

Styrofoam spider

with cotton balls, wobbly eyes, wooden bead and chenille
at Bastelideen

Pompon Spider

Make a pompon spider out of black fringed wool, whistle cleaners and wobbly eyes
at Bastelparadies

Tinker spiders

Crafting instructions for spider from black pompons, pipe cleaners and chenille wire
at tasteln-gestalten

Nice halloween spider

Body made of black styrofoam ball legs made of bent plush
at Creadoo

Creepy spider made of chenille wire

Halloween Craft Idea Step by Step Instructions [Video]
at horror factory

Cute pompon spider

They are black, soft and scary: make pompom spiders of wool in different sizes
at kid's action

Giant spider

from summer lilac
at kidsweb

Spiders made of egg carton

Invasion with many spiders Black painted egg carton
at Kidsweb

Spider from pipe cleaners

make out of two differently colored pipe cleaners
at Kiki's web

Tinker giant spider

made of polystyrene balls in two halves and 4 pipe cleaners
at Kiki's web

Little spider

with pipe cleaner legs
at Kikis web

Spring Spider

from pine cones, wool remains, Wackelaugen, plush bending wire
at southern Brandenburg. Abfallzweckverb.

Raven and cat for real witch costumes

On the shoulder of a witch often sit black animals such as cats or ravens. Therefore, they must not be absent from our witch costumes. Below you will find links to great crafting instructions for ravens and cats.

Raven made of wooden balls

Wooden disc and bending plush about 55 cm tall
at Halloween Kidsaction

Cat Tunnel for Stubentiger

Tips for building and designing a cat tunnel as a sleeping and playground, built from a plastic tube and carpet
at petisch.de

Black cat from pumpkins

Crafting instructions with photos for a black cat, which is built from pumpkins and painted
at kid friendly things to do.com

Make masks out of paper

Print templates on many different topics.
at kidsaction.de

Raven from champagne corks

with yellow construction paper and three small black feathers
at Bastelideen


with decopatch and paper mache for making your own.
at bastelideen

Make a raven

from a black pompom and felt (orange, white, black)
at tasteln-gestalten

Crafting instructions for a cat

From two paper squares
at Bastelparadies

Make a little cat

from 2 paper rectangles with black construction paper for eyes and whiskers
at Bastelparadies

Little raven as a window picture

Make a little raven with heart and flower as a window picture - instructions with templates
at familie.de

Cat made of cardboard

and make a cardboard roll. Templates for printing
at kidsnet.at

Funny black raven

made of construction paper, wobbly eyes, feathers: for autumn or Halloween decoration
at World of Kids Games

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