Make witch costume yourself

Make witch costume yourself: costume

Make witch costume yourself

The Witch costume is a classic Halloween costumes for women and girls. However, it is almost too popular. So you hear again and again of Halloween parties, where virtually no other women's disguises were seen, which then made for quite a Walpurgisnachtstimmung.

It would be psychologically interesting to find out why women like to disguise themselves as witches. Is it a rebellion against patriarchy and church? Or you just do not want to be beautiful once a year? However, witch costumes can also vary wonderfully. The trend is gradually progressing from the ugly old witch with a crooked nose and warts on the face, to the Sexy Hexy witch, who really does not need any love magic anymore due to her revealing witch's habit.

Doing a witch costume yourself is not that difficult either. Clothes and accessories can be put together arbitrarily. Often you just have to think outside the box and realize that you can use many things from old costumes or household items.

The most important ingredients for the witch costume

There are now many ready to buy witch outfits. But if you want to do a witch costume yourself, you can do it at the last minute with the right accessories and a simple black dress.

Most important, of course, is a proper witch hat. This can not be long and sharp enough. It is even better if the witch's hat is decorated with big buckles, veils or cobwebs.

Also a real witches broom is needed. In the improvised disguise must often serve an old broom, which is still in the attic. But of course there are also "real" witches brooms in the costume senders.

Traditionally, you also need a crooked witch's nose made of rubber, a tangled witch wig with gray hair and of course a lot of nauseating rubber warts to stick on the face. For this, the makeup must still be properly devastated.

Make instructions for the witch costume itself

Abracadabra, three times black cat. Unfortunately, this spell does not work in our world. Otherwise you could just conjure up a great witch costume. But the following instructions are almost as fast.


  • Black dress
  • Two large sheets of cardboard for the witch's hat
  • A roundwood and plasticine for the wand
  • Hook nose and wart
  • Broomstick and brushwood
  • Small plastic spiders
  • makeup

Make witch hat

For the witch's hat two large sheets of cardboard are needed. From the first bow you cut out a circle with a diameter of about 50 centimeters. In the middle of now another circle is cut, which corresponds to the head circumference of the little witch. At the inner edge you cut out about one centimeter wide spikes and folds them upwards.

From the second cardboard, a large cone is formed and the ends glued. Care must be taken that the lower opening fits snugly on the raised jaws. These are painted with glue and everything is glued together. Plastic spiders can be attached to the hat brim for decoration.

Make magic wand

The round wood is painted at will - matching colors are of course black or silver. From the plasticine an occult symbol is formed. If this is too difficult to implement, a simple star is enough. After allowing the clay to dry, the wand tip can be attached to the top of the wood. If you have glitter or little stars at hand, you can decorate the wand even further.

Tinker witches broom

From a broomstick and some brushwood can be a great witch broom tinker. You probably will not be able to fly with it, but as an accessory it is simply indispensable. The brushwood is cut to a suitable length and attached with a cord at the bottom of the broomstick

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