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Make witch hat yourself: make

Who as a wicked witch or as dangerous vampire wants to cause a stir at the witching hour of course also needs iconic accessories. Spiders and Co. can be cleverly attached to the individual costume with hot glue - and even skilfully pep up older outfits on.

If the headgear is still in the carnival shop and the matching change is not at hand, You can also make a witch's hat yourself, We've come up with some ideas that will surely help every little witch.

That's how it stands next Halloween party or an evening full of "sweet and sour" nothing in the way. We hope you have fun!

material list

  • Black construction paper
  • Gold and silver pencil
  • Hot glue gun
  • compasses
  • scissors


On the black construction paper is drawn a square with a diameter of 80 cm, This can then be cut out. With the gold and silver pen, mysterious symbols, magic signs and impressive decorations are painted on the construction paper.

When the witch hat is finished, you roll that Square to an ice cream cone - the size of the opening should be the head circumference to match the little witch. To keep everything, the edges must be glued together with a hot glue gun. Now you can make 2 cm wide and deep cuts on the bottom side of our homemade witch hat. These are needed later for attaching the brim.

The pips you fold in and puts the Ice cream cone with the open side down on another piece of construction paper, With the pencil a circle is drawn around the witch's hat and cut out. Around this one draws another circle - in the size, which later corresponds to the hat brim.

For example, if you want to make a big witch's hat, choose a large radius. This is then cut out as well. Then you can the Bend the points of the hat outwards and attach to the brim with the hot glue gun become.

Stick spiders on the witch's hat

First one Insert the glue stick into the hot glue gun and heat it for about 8 to 10 minutes to let.

Now apply the hot glue one-sided to the decorative element and immediately compress the two parts to be glued. The splice is already fixed after two minutes and - thanks to the high transparency of the adhesive - barely visible.

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