With bitumen, the cheapest building material - plastic roof tiles

Everybody comes up with a big share in the cost of reliable roofing when calculating a house construction. The cheapest materials are plastic bitumen and roof tiles. While bitumen products are immediately recognized as such, they are made of plastic very real-looking imitations.

Roof pans like the original

The classic roof tiles made of clay are now produced in identical form as roof tiles made of plastic. In addition to the cheaper material price, the lower dead weight has an effect on the costs that the construction of the roof truss must carry less load.

An indirect further saving effect in roof tiles made of plastic roof tiles are the lower transport costs and the reduced workload for the roofing. The plastic products are very easy to handle and significantly reduce the time required for laying.

Material properties and advantages

Plastic roof tiles are made in all designs that characterize other materials. For example, metallic-looking surfaces are just as available as natural stone imitations. From ordinary viewing distance to a roof, the roof panels made of plastic are often indistinguishable from the originals. Typical advantages of the roof panels are.

  • No corrosion and no rusting.
  • Color stability in quality plastics including UV resistance.
  • Depending on the shape and type of plastic low noise during precipitation.
  • Acid and salt water resistance, for example in offshore locations.
  • No risk of injury from sharp metal edges or broken stone.

Specialized manufacturer

  • mc-dach.com is a specialized roofing materials supplier of all types of plastic and in all shapes.
  • kunststoffe-grundmann.de has polycarbonate, PVC and acrylic roof panels.
  • Among other things, paruschke-kunststoffe.de has a wide range of transparent acrylic glass products.

Tips & Tricks

The differences in the quality of plastics vary greatly. While there are minor differences in the quality of roof tiles, there may be enormous differences in durability for other types of roof tiles. Pay attention to warranties and guarantees.

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