With a metal canopy, your entrance to the house receives an exclusive touch

If you are looking for the right canopy for your entrance, you can also use metal. This material is very durable, but high quality metals have their price.

The optics do it

A metal canopy over the entrance has some advantages. Snow, rain, hail and wind are kept away. In addition to these practical features, the special look is added.

The canopies are available in metal constructions, the cover is made of glass or plastic. Also offered are complete metal canopies, but these are correspondingly expensive.

Canopies made of aluminum, stainless steel or copper are available. For the coverings, choose from polycarbonate, acrylic glass or laminated safety glass. Alternatively, the canopy can also be covered with plastic panels or aluminum sheet.

Roof shapes and extras

With the roof shapes you can choose between desk, bow, saddle or hipped roof, standard sizes from 90 x 130 cm to 110 x 250 cm are common.

Some manufacturers offer rotatable canopies, special equipment such as lighting, additional columns and gutters are possible. You can choose from canopies with side panels in saddle, point and round arch form.

The properties of canopies of metal

  • different covers possible
  • particularly robust and weather-resistant
  • easy to assemble

The prices of the providers are very different

A canopy made of welded aluminum construction with safety glass is available from 980, - Euro, a canopy made of copper is available for the price of 3000 to 4000 euros.

  • At struve-metall.de you can ask for an individual offer.
  • ziegler-metall.de has aluminum canopies in its product range.
  • haustuerscout24.de offers a high quality copper canopy.

Tips & Tricks

Anyone who chooses metal as the material for the canopy should not save in the wrong place. Only high quality materials are durable, also make sure that the applicable building codes are adhered to.

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