Tinker with coffee filters

From coffee filters you can tinker all sorts of beautiful things. Below you will find suggestions and great craft ideas that you can easily implement without much help with your little ones.

Tinker animals from coffee filters

The coffee filter is perfectly suited as a body for numerous animal motifs due to its shape. So you can, for example, Make bunnies, bears or even a Santa Claus, a gnome or an angel out of it.

Paint coffee filter

The first coffee filters were made from blotting paper and even today the coffee filter paper is very absorbent and resembles paper. Therefore, it is perfect for painting abstract shapes with water color. Due to the high absorbency of coffee filters, the color runs and creates great, batik-like color combinations.

Make a butterfly out of coffee filters

  • watercolors
  • Tear-resistant coffee filter
  • Some colored paper, preferably brown or black
  • Wire, pipe cleaner, toothpick, blades of grass or the like for the feelers
  • Liquid adhesive
  • scissors
  • brush

1. Paint wings

Do not unfold the coffee filter yet, but paint it in its original form. This will give you two equally patterned wings later.

Paint the coffee filter with several colors and plenty of water, so that the colors are beautiful. However, if you want to draw delicate figures or gradients, you should use very little water.

Then let the filter dry. You can help by placing it on the heater or drying it with a hair dryer.

2. Make one out of two

After drying carefully separate the filter into two parts. Make sure he does not break! Now you have two wings.

3. The body

Cut out of the colored paper an elongated, oval shape for the body. Stick the lower ends of both wings (which used to be the lower end of the coffee filter) underneath.

4. The feelers

Now attach the feelers with some glue and your butterfly made of coffee filters is done.

Make a butterfly and decorate your children's nursery or cut off a few branches and decorate the green branches in a vase!

Tips & Tricks

If the coffee filter is cut in half too thin, you can also have a complete one for each side. Then you have to manually try to paint the wings the same way or just look different.

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