With epoxy resin, the waterproof shower succeeds without steps

Floor-level showers are becoming increasingly popular. Still, many homeowners and home improvement workers still fear that the shower might not be completely watertight. Since, of course, no one wants to cause water damage itself, we show here how the shower really waterproof thanks to epoxy resin.

Diffusion-proof joints in the bathroom

Not only in old age are the new floor-level showers extremely practical. They are also a modern and beautiful solution in minimalist bathrooms, harmoniously taking up the style.

While it is usually desired that the joints are permeable, this is not favorable for a walk-in shower, of course. Nobody could check how much moisture would actually get under the tiles. A relaxed shower would not only be unthinkable for the owner.

Joint and glue at the same time

For these new applications, special joint mortars were developed from two-component epoxy resins. These special grouts can also be mixed with various fillers and color pigments.

Whether mosaic tiles, glass mosaics or river pebbles, with the epoxy resin agent, the stones can be glued and grouted at the same time. Often this material is therefore used in swimming pools, because it is additionally resistant to chemicals. The tilers also like to use the positive properties of this epoxy mass in commercial kitchens.

Flexibility restricted

Compared to a joint made of silicone or acrylic, however, the grout made of epoxy resin has hardly any flexibility once it has completely hardened. At the same time, the processing is much more complicated and expensive than with a conventional grout.

Advantages of epoxy resin in the joint

The almost only disadvantage of epoxy resin as grout and tile adhesive is of course the price. But who calculates that the purchase costs for the shower tray and the tub support omitted, can see the cost factor already relaxed.

  • Discolouration is largely eliminated
  • Joints do not fade or darken
  • Joints remain completely waterproof
  • Joints do not age and do not crumble

Tips & Tricks

When building the floor-level shower, the water can only be dissipated via a sufficient gradient. Especially if the joints are sealed with epoxy resin. Therefore, you should take special care here and rather invest the spirit level twice.

After all, you do not want your shower water to slosh all over the room or run into the wrong corner of the shower.

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