Repair wood damaged with casting resin

For a long time mainly known only in boat building, the excellent suitability of cast resin for repair in other areas has become popular. Modern epoxy resins can often help avoid more complex renovation work. As a pleasant side effect, insects in the wood are killed and kept away in the future.

Receive instead of renew

A casting resin can seal wood and be used as a visual or utility upgrade. A typical example is the coating of a tabletop with cast resin. Also very suitable is cast resin to repair damaged wood. Properly processed, it can also be used as a renovation agent in building beams and trusses.

In order to achieve the optimum stability and load capacity of repaired wood, the guiding principle is to follow the motto "Preserve from renewal". The liquid casting resin can, as in dental prostheses, best "claw" into as much as possible remaining substance. Therefore, special care should be taken when working up the damaged areas on the wood.

Extend fiber structure

For the preservation of the wood substance, it is important to consider the fibrous structure of wood. The more fibers are included in the casting resin, the stronger the bond will become. When removing and cleaning, for example, rotten or rotten wooden components, only moist wood and completely loose cotter pins should be taken into account.

The liquid casting resin is given a larger adhesion surface by any remaining fiber that is at the points of contact with the wood. This also entangles the two materials, which lead to increased stability.

Impregnation and exterior finish

Another decisive factor for the optimal result of a wood repair is the soaking factor. The aim is to let the casting resin penetrate as deeply as possible into the wood. Also auxiliary drilling is successful. Some manufacturers offer two-component resins where a type of primer with a higher viscosity is applied in the first step.

The selected casting resin should in any case be adjusted to the suction behavior of the wood to be processed. Not every wood can be optimally repaired with the same casting resin. An important decision is whether the wood should be completely hermetically sealed from the outside air and thus moisture.

Tips & Tricks

If you completely seal the wood with cast resin, you have to convince yourself of the inner perfect dryness.

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