With Plexiglas your canopy looks visually appealing

The correct name for this material is polymethyl methacrylate, abbreviation PMMA, colloquially it is referred to as Plexiglas or acrylic glass. It is a glass-like, synthetic and thermoplastic plastic that is easy to process and shape.

Cheap glass variant

Plexiglas is a material for canopies, which is used when real glass is not essential. It can be easily deformed and glued well, especially it is inexpensive. Acrylic glass is resistant to 80 degrees, it burns like hardwood, but develops only low smoke.

This cost-saving variant of the canopy covering works in conjunction with stainless steel or colored aluminum structures rather discreet and modern. Plexiglas is available in a variety of qualities and designs, with a distinction between matt, structured and glossy.

Plexiglas offers some advantages when used for canopies.

  • clear and colorless
  • unbreakable
  • resistant to aging and weathering
  • acid-resistant
  • very firm and good to glue
  • in the processing similar to hardwood

The thickness of the Plexiglas used for a canopy varies between 4 and 6 millimeters.
The sets of Plexiglas canopies already partially contain the mounting material. They are light in weight and usually have a payload of 100 kg, which is an important factor especially in snow load.

The prices of the Internet providers are very different

A high-quality porch with stainless steel in the dimensions width 240 cm, depth 90 cm, height 43 cm, in stainless steel look, frame and support made of aluminum, is to have a transparent acrylic glass cover for less than 600, - Euro. For a fancy arched canopy made of the same material in the size 90 x 160 cm you pay around 380, - Euro. Quite favorable variants are already starting from 70, - euro in the trade. Depending on the price of the roof shape.

  • ihrbaumarkt.de has a nice selection of acrylic glass canopies in different shapes.
  • polysystemshop.de sells attractive arched canopies with acrylic glass filling at reasonable prices.
  • vorach.holzkomplett.de has in addition to Plexiglas roofs also many other materials in the program.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to get cheap material, you can ask companies that produce Plexiglas if there is any waste material. Many manufacturers give this as remaining stock or at absolute special prices.

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