With new ideas for a feel-good bath

The bathing culture is subject to fashion trends, which change in about ten years. With these fashion trends, however, also our feeling regarding the beauty of a bath changes and at the same time with the next bathroom renovation, the desire for a redesign is growing. Three of the many ways to escape the bathroom with a charm of the brand 08/15 can be found here:

The ultra-modern bathroom with clean lines

Divide your bathroom into two sections with a cleverly inserted partition. It can be half high or ceiling high and thus usable as a supply shaft. Integrate niches into the dividing wall, where valuable fragrances and accessories can be decoratively placed.
Are z. For example, a WC, bidet and / or vanity unit on the same wall surface, they interrupt the continuous area with niches at each wall installation where they install shelves with stainless steel brackets and frosted glass shelves. How to find beautiful storage space for the towels.
Avoid recessed ceiling spotlights and use small build-up spots with stainless steel housing and multiple LEDs.

The Roman bath

Place bath and shower on a pedestal with the same terracotta tiles of the floor. However, be aware of any accessibility that may be required for physically disabled people in your household.
If your bathroom is big enough, add a round pillar to attach artificial or natural plants in amphorae or place them on small attached pedestals.
Work with Styrofoam stucco elements. The DIY stores have only a limited supply, but in many online shops they will find it. Decorate the transitions of the ceiling to the walls with these elements or interrupt the continuous ceiling surface with a circumferential stucco strip.
Recessed and surface-mounted spotlights do not match this ambience. Rather conjure indirect lighting with these stucco elements. Do not forget a direct light on the make-up mirror.

The Finnish sauna look

Some courage is part of this design, because it is unusual. Why do walls in the bathroom always have to be tiled? Dress the walls with wood. But do not forget a rear ventilation. Bath and / or shower are also bordered with wooden surfaces and of course give the wood in the decoration with accessories the priority.
This ambience is ideal for wall sconces. Be creative.