With or without wood look, brown tiles create a cozy atmosphere

The color brown combines residential atmospheres that evoke comfort and closeness to nature. Braun is reminiscent of wood and the color of earth and sand without imitating wood looks. Tiles in these original shades convey visual living comfort.

Monochrome or with wood similarity

The two groups of tiles in brown combine their strong wood-like coloring. Monochromatic porcelain stoneware, ceramic or glass textured tiles can create a dignified and elegant look without being as dark as black. Mosaic tiles in several shades of brown, possibly mixed with elements in beige, rarely appear restless even in small pieces.

Brown tiles with imitation wood are available in more or less pronounced form. While some ceramic surfaces are similar to wood due to their slight longitudinal structures, there are products that purposefully imitate wood. The modern manufacturing techniques allow to depict different types of wood and textures of surfaces.

Among natural rocks there are some that appear in brown shades. From brown granite, sandstone and limestone many tiles are made and to a lesser extent marble and gneiss. Rare is brown slate. A good overview can be found on the natural stone portal graniteland.de, where a sorting for rock colors with illustrations can be found.

Wood closer look costs more

Ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles in brown belong to the usual color assortment offered by manufacturers and dealers. Among the tiles, which are provided with light structures, there are optics that are very reminiscent of wood but are cheaper to buy than intended wood imitations.

  • Monochrome brown tiles with matt or glossy surfaces are available from around twenty euros per square meter in every hardware store, building materials trade and on the Internet.
  • At around thirty euros per square meter, there are ceramic tiles with or without glazing, which have marbling or the inclusion of mica.
  • Structural tiles, which depict elongated "random corrugations" or have other textures with a spatial effect that can be felt when they occur, cost from forty euros per square meter.
  • Wood imitations can be obtained by mixing additives or placed under a glaze by imprinting. These brown tiles are offered from around fifty euros per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

If in the later interior of the room with brown tiles furniture in wood look to be integrated, a color comparison in advance is useful, since some shades of brown "bite" can.

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