With a gutter holder, the gutter is right

The right gutter has been found, now it is time to attach the right holder for it. Crucial for this are the structural requirements. Some manufacturers offer a wide range of mounting options, from adjustable over gutters for box gutters to duplex holders.

Rain gutter holder in different versions
Depending on how and where the gutter is installed, different gutter holders come into question. Holders for mounting on the rafter, on the front board, on the corrugated or web plate are offered.

Well-proven are galvanized or color matched to the gutter gutter iron. They are bent and mounted as needed. Special holders for duplex and box gutters compensate for the inclination of the front board up to 25 degrees.

Clamps are suitable for corrugated and multiwall sheets, which are often used for small roof areas. The gutters can be mounted directly on the plates. If double-skin sheets are used, the attachment of the holder takes place in the intermediate space and is no longer visible.

Adjustable holders and more

Adjustable gutter brackets with swivel joint do not have to be bent. The slope and the inclination of the gutter are simply adjusted to the channel iron, so the installation for the handyman is easy.

Keep the right distance

  • The holder spacing for box and duplex troughs should be 50 cm.
  • For half-round gutters, keep a distance of 50 to 70 cm.
  • Consider a gradient of about 3 mm per meter.
  • The gutter holders and irons must be laid flush.

The following Internet providers are recommended:

  • Hellweg.de, with a range of plastic gutters.
  • Marley.de, a provider with a large selection of gutter holders.
  • Fricke.de offers copper products.

Gutter holders are available from 1.50 euros depending on the material

Tips & Tricks

In case of exceptional stress and special regulations of the building code, rain gutter holders may be required in special designs. If you are not sure about the right holder, let the expert advise you.