Using simple means to bend plasterboard and how it is done

Plasterboard may also be used in curved form when prepared for work. The maximum bending radii depend on several factors. In addition, a certain bending technique should be used for a good result.

On the properties of plasterboard

Gypsum plasterboards have been made so that they can absorb certain tensile forces without problems, without tearing or even breaking. Depending on the material thickness, the plates can even be bent up to a certain radius. It works even better when water is used. Although the moistened plates are very sensitive and break through very quickly. With a little skill but can still be produced radii. These are very well suited to be used in the following areas:

  • rounded door arches
  • Adaptation and cladding of rounded surfaces
  • the production of flowing walls

Bend plasterboard and how it is done

You can turn plasterboard into a rounded or rounded shape by bending it wet or dry over stencils. The maximum achievable radius depends mainly on the thickness of the plate. Mostly, the plates are wet to the desired shape. First, the plate must be cut and then moistened. This is done by perforating one side of the plate with a needle roller. Now, water the plate vigorously until the plaster layer is soaked with water. It is very important that the non-perforated layer does not get wet if possible. If the plate is in this condition, it can be processed relatively well. However, you should be very careful when bending, because the plates are particularly sensitive in this state and break very quickly.

What you should do after the bending process

If you have managed to bring the plate with some patience in the curved shape, you can hold this example with Malerkrepp in this form until it is completely dried out again. Of course, this is a very difficult job and a trial of patience, especially at the beginning. The best thing to do is to try the whole process first, for example on a truncated plasterboard or on a piece that is no longer needed. With a little patience, you can create very beautiful shapes and completely new ways to disguise walls or other areas.

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