Milling a groove in wood with simple technique: a guide

You would like to mill a groove, but do not have a high-tech workshop? This is not a problem, because you can mill a properly neat groove even with a trimming cutter in wood, after you have staked the dimensions exactly. How to do this is explained in our detailed instructions: How to get clean pieces of furniture with exactly straight edges.

Which router do I need?

To mill a groove using this technique, you will need a flute mill whose ball bearing is in the upper part. Cutters with different lengths can be very helpful, so you always have the right tool at hand.

Milling the groove with the trimming cutter in wood: Instructions in 5 steps

  • pencil
  • ruler
  • protractor
  • trim bits
  • 2 at least 1.2 cm thick wooden boards
  • workpieces

1. Mark groove profile

Measure the groove profile on the first workpiece exactly and draw one of the outline lines with the pencil.

2. Create a board

Place an absolutely straight, at least 1.2 cm thick board exactly on the drawn line and fix it carefully with clamps.

3. Set up a workpiece to be grooved

Now pick up the workpiece that you want to groove. Place it vertically on the ground and attach it firmly to the edge of the at least 1.2 cm thick board.

4. Add another board

Place your second board next to it and press it against the workpiece to be filed. Fix this board with clamps and then remove the vertical board in the middle again.

5. Mill the groove in the wood

Now your future groove is exactly bounded by two boards right and left. Here you can now guide your trimming cutter and mill the recess very precisely.

Tips & Tricks

If you position your workpiece to be groomed vertically at the point where the groove is to be created, it is best to align it with the spirit level. Your milled recess will then fit to the millimeter.

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