With footfall sound insulation under screed provide a pleasant rest

If you want to smooth an uneven floor made of raw concrete in order to lay parquet, laminate or carpet on it later, a floating screed is recommended. A sound insulation under screed ensures that no disturbing noise penetrate into the lower floors. At the same time, they also help to improve thermal insulation.

Step 1: Provide the edge insulation

First, apply self-adhesive edge insulation strips to the wall around the entire room. The insulation strips are supplied in rolls and are easy to stick by hand. They ensure that the floor does not transmit sound waves to the walls and thus to other rooms.

2nd step: Apply foil to the footfall sound insulation under screed

The footfall sound insulation consists of a film about 5 millimeters thick, which you roll out on the clean floor in tracks. Lay the webs on impact, which means that the individual films should not overlap. A gluing of the film is not necessary, it is prevented by the subsequent layer of insulation boards from slipping.

Step 3: Lay the thermal insulation panels and screed foil

Now follow special thermal insulation boards with smooth edge, which you also lay on impact over the film. Lay the insulation boards so that the joints are offset with respect to each other. Your impact sound insulation under the screed is now finished, but above that you have to apply screed foil in the last step. This film is also unrolled in individual tracks, the film strips should overlap this time, however, so that no screed can get under the cover. A practical self-adhesive strip holds the individual webs together: Remove the cover strip and then press the glued joints firmly with your feet.

Now you have created all the prerequisites for laying the floating screed. However, remember in advance of this work that your floor will be a few inches higher than before. Take appropriate measures so that there are no stumbling edges on the door sills and lift the door leaves if necessary.

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