Disinfect with the steam cleaner

Steam cleaners are extremely popular. The advertising industry brings seemingly unbeatable arguments that crown a steam cleaner to the true miracle cleaner. Disinfecting with a steam cleaner is one such advertising promise. If and what can be disinfected with a steam cleaner, we have summarized below.

With hygiene a lot of advertising for steam cleaners is operated

Cleanliness and hygiene - these are for many consumers truly compelling purchase criteria. Steam cleaners are advertised over and over again, which not only makes it easier to clean different surfaces. Even high standards of hygiene could be easily achieved, so the message of many slogans. It's all about these points:

  • Use steam cleaner against mites
  • disinfect with the steam cleaner
  • Steam cleaner as an efficient cleaning agent for households of allergy sufferers

Steam cleaners against mites are not effective

Here you can read almost sobering how good or better how little a steam cleaner can be used against mites. Although the statement is basically true that the hot steam (at least 100 degrees Celsius) kills the little arachnids. However, mites thrive mainly in mattresses.

Right here is the problem: to kill all the mites in a mattress, you would have to spray each area selectively for several minutes with the steam. The mattress is dripping wet and forms an even better breeding ground for mites. Because in all probability you will never be able to kill all mites in a conventional mattress with the steam cleaner.

The steam cleaner for disinfecting - just as inefficient

When disinfecting with the steam cleaner, it behaves similarly. To really kill all the bacteria, you would have to vaporize again for a few minutes. If you add up the electricity costs, disinfecting with the steam cleaner would be extremely costly. Instead, detergents with appropriate additives for disinfecting are significantly more efficient - and, above all, significantly cheaper. In addition, the bacteria that can be in the bathroom, for example, are usually harmless.

Steam cleaner for allergy sufferers

But for allergy sufferers, the steam cleaner is not really the best choice. During steam cleaning, the cleaning cloth is stretched over the steam nozzles. From inside the steam is pushed through the cloth. In any case, the dirt dissolves very easily, for example, from a tiled floor.

The contradiction in the cleaning principle of the steam cleaner

Now the wiping cloth, which is stretched around the nozzles, would have to absorb the dirt as well. This is counteracted by the fact that from the inside of the steam pressed outwards and transported the dissolved and absorbed dirt particles back to the surface to be cleaned.

Mop better and significantly cheaper

Every mop and cloth is more effective here. Because in order to really effectively clean the surface, you would have to work with the mop immediately. But should not this work be shortened and simplified?

Problems with other materials

Incidentally, this is also the reason why the surfaces cleaned with a steam cleaner can either be streaky (glass surfaces) or sticky (tiled floor). When using the steam cleaner on a wooden floor, it can even lead to massive damage to the wood.

Tips & Tricks

Nevertheless, the steam cleaner of course has its permission. For rims it is easy to use, but also on the terrace of the steam cleaner can be used meaningfully.