With these 5 tips your vacuum cleaner cleans for a long time with full power

New vacuum cleaners convince not only with a clean exhaust air, but also with a strong suction power. However, this is noticeable after a short time on many devices. The causes are not necessarily technical defects: in most cases, the performance can be restored in just a few simple steps. Learn in this post what you have to pay attention to when it comes to soil care - and what you can do to prevent it from even losing its suction power.

The loss of suction is not uncommon: Usually, the first weaknesses show up just a few weeks after purchase. The causes for the diminishing performance are manifold. Among the most common reasons count

  • a full vacuum cleaner bag,
  • a blockage of the vacuum cleaner filter,
  • contamination of the vacuum cleaner brush,
  • a blockage of the vacuum cleaner tube and
  • Damage to the vacuum cleaner hose.

Remedy the following tips and tricks for soil care. In addition, the vacuum cleaner should be subjected to a regular check.

What to do with a full vacuum cleaner bag?

If the vacuum cleaner bag is full, this will result in a significant reduction in suction power. When this occurs, varies from model to model: While the performance reduction in some devices already shows in a one-third filled bag, it occurs at Bosch vacuum cleaners with the PowerProtect system until late. Here, the cleaning performance is up to 60 percent higher. After a few weeks, however, a change of the vacuum cleaner bag is advisable - even if it is not yet full. Otherwise, it can lead to an unpleasant odor.

What to do if the vacuum cleaner filter clogs?

Each vacuum cleaner is equipped with at least one filter, which can clog and thus have a negative effect on the suction power. While bagless devices have a so-called central filter which should be very quickly soiled and accordingly should be cleaned frequently under running water, conventional models with bags have the exhaust and motor filters. Thorough cleaning is recommended for the exhaust filter each time the vacuum cleaner bag is replaced. With the engine filter, however, an annual replacement is sufficient. Cleaning the filters is particularly easy if the device has an automatic cleaning function such as "SelfClean" from Bosch.
What to do if the vacuum cleaner brush gets dirty?

Hair and lint quickly lead to contamination of the vacuum cleaner brush. As a result, the air suction is disturbed, the suction decreases noticeably. To prevent this from happening, you should look regularly under the brush for coarse dirt. An immediate cleaning reliably maintains the usual performance.

What to do if the vacuum cleaner tube clogs?

As long as the view through the vacuum cleaner tube is easily possible, everything is fine. However, if an object blocks the way, it leads to the disturbance. This is usually noticeable by a sudden, strange sound. As well as dirt and dirt deposited on the inside wall, the obstacle should be removed quickly. To clean the vacuum cleaner pipe, the pipe can be removed and rinsed with hot water.

What to do if the vacuum cleaner hose is damaged?

A defective hose obstructs the air flow and ensures that the full suction power can no longer develop. Here an immediate replacement or at least a timely repair is required. Holes or cracks can be detected by holding the hand in front of the suction opening.

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