Aluminum can be polished with these home remedies

There is a whole range of home remedies that are used to polish surfaces through the relevant forums on the Internet. In addition there are the oral tips from relatives and acquaintance. Some home remedies actually provide amazing results, but should be tested before use.

Trial and error

The challenge in polishing aluminum is the realization that there is always an alloy with one or more other metals. A window or door frame is made of a different alloy than cookware or car rims. Therefore, the tips on the right home remedy depend on the mixture encountered.

In most cases, only the principle of trial and error helps. Before well visible surfaces of components are processed, the home remedy should be tested on a hidden edge or corner. It is also important to wait for a possible long-term effect, which can still occur up to 76 hours after polishing.

Polishing is just the final touch

Polishing is the last step in refurbishing aluminum. If rust has already formed due to oxidation, preparation must be provided. Aluminum is machined by grinding or brushing.

When polishing aluminum or aluminum sheet, light scratches can be removed remotely or even tarnished aluminum can be cleaned.

Classic home remedies

1. Vinegar salt paste

In a shot glass, mix the salt with white vinegar and simmer the saturated solution with normal wheat flour until a spreadable paste is obtained. Apply evenly to the aluminum surfaces with a spatula or cloth. After about one hour exposure, wipe with a damp cloth soaked in hot water. Polish with a dry polishing cloth.

2. Tomato ketchup

Evenly apply the normal tomato ketchup thin, preferably with a glaze brush. After about ten minutes, work in a circular polishing motion with a dry polishing cloth and rinse immediately with hot water.

3. Fruit acid preparations

In principle, any fruit that develops acid can be tried. Often diluted citric acid is recommended. Apple (vinegar) or the peels of other citrus fruits can also be used. The aluminum surface is worked evenly and wiped immediately with hot water and then with a dry polishing cloth.

Tips & Tricks

As a home remedy for aluminum and car wax polish for paint or wheels can be tried. Again, before necessarily perform a blind test.

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