With these home remedies you get your sofa clean again!

In the drugstore rows a household cleaner to the next, also cleaning materials for upholstery are plentiful represented. This raises the question: how did you actually manage to clean the upholstery fabric of a sofa in earlier times? Back then, the many colorfully printed spray bottles did not even exist, and yet Granny always had a suitable helper at hand. We take a look at the traditional home center shelf!

Try every home remedy first on a hidden spot

But first of all, we would like to give you a valuable tip: Since each fabric reacts differently to external influences, you should first try your selected home remedies on a hidden spot. For this, a small spot on the back of your couch is ideal.

If the test is successful, you can start in the most visible places! Never scrub too hard on the fabric, it could roughen it and cause damage. Rely on the power of applied home remedies.

With these home remedies you clean your sofa perfectly

Now you want to know for sure which budget funds grandmother had in her repertoire at the time to properly clean upholstered furniture. We introduce you here:

home remediesapplication
bicarbonate of sodafor stains of all kinds, odors and mites
Water and rinseagainst greasy stains
Gall soap with waterdissolves stubborn stains
Mineral waterDeep cleansing by bubble effect
saltfreshly applied against red wine stains
shaving creamshould help against coffee and cola
benzineResolves dry dirt
Citric acid and vinegar essencedecompose mainly calcareous stains

This is how you go about cleaning your sofa

If you want to clean your sofa with one of these home remedies, then first vacuum it to keep it from getting loose. Instead of using tap water, preferably use decalcified, distilled water.

Avoid ugly edges by either slightly moistening the entire couch or at least handling liquids with great care. If possible, prefer dry cleaning, for example with soda powder.

For very stubborn stains, it is often worth to soak them a little with the home remedy and then remove it. Dab the spot carefully instead of rubbing or rubbing. The fibers will thank you!

Tips & Tricks

With a sofa hanger or a simple cover you protect the precious cover against stains of all kinds. Before kids frolic on the couch or dog and cat lay down comfortably, simply put the cover over your couch.

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