With these ideas, your balcony becomes a wellness oasis

Who still knows the old joke about "holidays on balcony"? In fact, balcony owners do not have to travel far to find real relaxation. An attractive design of the outer seat supports the recovery effect, because the eye directs its impressions not only in the brain, but also in the soul. Cozy sitting, lying and rocking areas invite you to linger. We have collected the most beautiful ideas for the design of the balcony.

Practical and beautiful: balcony decking made of wood or WPC

The warmest character as a floor covering is possessed by the material wood. Prefabricated wooden tiles can even be easily laid, they are mounted on a plastic frame, which makes the preparation of a special substructure unnecessary. So even laymen can easily lay a wooden floor.

Alternatively, the shipboard-like material WPC offers, which is also often used for pool enclosure. This material consists of wood fibers embedded in plastic, it has a wood-like appearance, but is a lot easier to clean.

Outdoor carpet for a true living room ambience

Outdoor carpets provide a comfortable living room ambience. On stone and tile floors, they provide the necessary foot warmth, but also provide a rich plus for the look. A high-quality outdoor carpet is UV and mildew resistant, even rainwater does not bother him.

Although most exterior carpets are made of pure polypropylene, many of them look pretty much like a woven carpet of natural material. A true sisal rug would soon be damaged in the outdoor area, but a sisal outdoor rug will withstand any weather.

Even strong shades are welcome on the balcony, they provide summer freshness. The outdoor carpet with bold color accents is very well suited in combination with plain-colored balcony furniture, comfortable seat covers take on one or the other color of the floor covering.

Set beautiful light accents with lights, lamps and lanterns

A warm summer evening on the balcony can be really long, in convivial round or alone with a book cosiness arises. With targeted light accents, the evening balcony becomes an illuminated oasis of well-being. Our tips for a nice lighting:

  • use solar powered recessed floor spotlights as atmospheric uplights
  • Set up a nostalgic lantern, powered by electricity or with a candle / oil lamp
  • Set up a design fireplace, operated with bio-ethanol or Brenngel
  • clamp colorful solar balcony lights on the parapet
  • Distribute small solar lights in the flower boxes
  • Hang lantern chain for outdoor use
  • Distribute tealights in colored glasses on the balcony
  • effective downlights hang on the walls

It gets really cozy with these furniture

The luxurious polyrattan sofa set with matching outdoor cushions is not affordable for everyone and takes up some space, but to complete the outdoor living room, there is nothing better.

For example, if you want to keep things simple, you can get a swing-hanging chair or a practical and comfortable bench that also serves to store the seat cushions.

The Hollywood swing is new to the trend again, resourceful home improvement build their own model of a garden bench and a sturdy frame. The small but older brother of the swing is the rocking chair, it is also available as a durable outdoor furniture.

Stylish privacy screen for a pleasant, natural atmosphere

As a privacy, many a balcony owner uses a simple plastic tarp, which is available at low prices in the hardware store. But it is also more stylish: Woods and grasses offer themselves as a natural balcony border and contribute to a natural atmosphere.

Prefabricated mats made of reeds, bamboo, willow branches or fern look good and are available in various sizes. The natural privacy mats resist weathering for several years. A balcony cladding of heather, which grows green with vine plants, looks really rustic.

A practical alternative offer balcony borders made of plastic rods in natural look. High-quality plastic products have a longer life than the natural mats, but they do not always look quite "real".

Our decoration ideas for the balcony

When everything is set up, only the icing on the cake is missing: the decoration. We have collected the best ideas for the balcony and put them in a list:

  • Herb wall: Plant pots or gutters with various fragrant herbs and hang them on the wall
  • Setting up the ladder rack: providing an old wooden ladder with shelves, arranging flowerpots and decorative objects
  • Hang up airy balcony curtains
  • put colorful windmills in the flower boxes
  • Hang up wind chimes
  • attach elegant side compartments to the narrow sides
  • create a mini-pond or set up a fountain
  • Pear fruit planted in pots not only looks great, it also tastes delicious
  • In midsummer, sunflowers are a real ornament for the balcony
  • Various ornamental grasses can be wonderfully planted in pots
  • Mini hanging pétuniums bring summerly splendor into the window boxes

Tips & Tricks

So that the balcony plants always have enough water, we recommend flower boxes with integrated water storage: So the balcony owner can travel for a few days, without waking everything. The water level gauge tells you when to cast next time.

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