Do not perform window cleaning without fall protection

When cleaning windows, firmly defined fall protection systems must be observed for commercial window cleaners. In order to minimize the risk, private individuals should also follow the guidelines of the employers' liability insurance association. Most of the guidelines are common sense that should always be used.

Physical and mental conditions

Who does not know the hair-raising sight? A person hangs out from inside a window to reach the more remote and hard to reach places with the cloth. The truism that about twice as many accidents happen in the home than on the road proves their likelihood at such moments.

In addition to the artistic dislocations, in which the balance can be lost quickly, also concentration deficiencies and physical limitations are often a major risk factor in window cleaning. Work should be postponed or done by others in the following cases:

  • fatigue
  • Alcohol consumption the day before or the same day
  • Age over 65 years
  • Illness like cold or something similar
  • Dizziness or fear of heights

Non-slip shoes

The basis for an effective fall protection is with all aids and devices used are non-slip shoes. Both when "leaning out of the window" as well as on ladders, steps or scaffolding slipping can have fatal consequences. As water is handled during window cleaning, wet surfaces are a common side effect.

In order to achieve good windows from the inside, telescopic extensions for cleaning utensils are helpful. As a rule of thumb, when leaning out, the pelvis is fully behind the parapet in the room.


The following aids are used as lift aids:

  • kick
  • folding ladder
  • An engagement
  • conductor bridge

The safe position must always be ensured and from an altitude of three meters, an assistant should hold the climbing aid and hand in the cleaning tool.

From heights of five meters fall protection for professional window cleaners must be present. BG BG and VBG define the fall protection measures. They should, apart from personal integrity, also be used in terms of insurance coverage.

  • safety harness
  • lifting platform
  • facade elevator
  • framework

Tips & Tricks

If you have commissioned a window cleaning company to clean your windows and you observe that work is done without fall protection, you cancel the order immediately under threat of an advertisement with the professional association.

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