Optically design wood by burning

The charring of wood is often used as a decorative medium, because the darkened surface has an interesting, seemingly antique character. Especially in the current shabby-chic trend, deco-lovers are increasingly turning to flamed shelves, pallet furniture and fruit boxes. With simple methods and a steady hand, you can also burn your own wood.

Create dark surfaces with the hot air dryer

A simple tool for easily charring wood surfaces is the hot air blower. With this device, you generate high air temperatures, which can be metered relatively targeted. With less heat the wood turns less intensively than with larger ones.

Even some hairdryers can be used at full speed to burn wood, especially if the surface is just a touch darker. Try this out first before buying a hot air blower.

Black wood with the burner

Open fire enhances the blackening effect, so a gas burner works very effectively in this area. When blackening the surface, make sure that you work evenly and relatively quickly. A short guide:

  • First remove all hardware from the wood.
  • Then remove all old coatings and clean the surface.
  • Try the burner on a test surface.
  • Run the flames evenly over the wood at regular intervals.
  • Let the wood cool down.
  • Treat surface with antique wax (care and noble shine)

Simply use a low-cost torch with butane cartridge from the outdoor area for this job. Similar devices are also available in the hardware store for flaming weeds.

Decorate the wood with the firebrick

Not only large-scale blackening is possible by heat, also paintings and lettering can be produced with it. For this purpose, use a firecracker, which costs about 12 to 35 EUR.

This makes it wonderful to design individual door signs made of wood, but also decorate pieces of furniture and create gifts. The possibilities are manifold, just give it a try!

Tips & Tricks

Pickling is also excellent for darkening raw wood surfaces. With these coloring agents, you can even choose an approximate shade instead of being surprised by the carbon effect.

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