Coat wood - which means are useful?

Especially outdoors, wood needs a high-quality coating, so that the material is not destroyed by weathering, fungi and insects. But even indoors, wood floors and furniture are protected by appropriate coatings against moisture and mechanical effects. Which means should be used at which point?

When is the coating with wood preservatives necessary?

Many different agents are available for coating wood, from natural waxes and oils, to solvent-free paints, to solvent-based synthetic resin paints and to chemically-resistant wood preservatives.

A firm rule should always apply when choosing the coating material: Use as little solvents and chemicals as absolutely necessary, especially in interiors, pollutant-free substances are highly recommended. A table for orientation:

painting styleExamplesscope of applicationContain biocides?finishing paintnatural waxes and oils, interior colorsInteriors, rain and splash-proof outdoor areaNo
Weather protective coatingExterior paint without fungus or insect repellentOutdoor area with rain and splash waterNoWood preservativePaint with fungus and insect repellentEarth-contacting parts, partly in standing waterYes

Protect your wooden objects by regularly renewing the coating, while outdoors most parts should be repainted every 2 to 4 years. To extend the durability of your wood.

Coat wood with pigmented glazes

For a good reason, pigmented glazes based on different binders are often used to coat wood. The dyes contained above all protect against the effects of sunlight, but also refresh the wood visually.

In addition, glazes are permeable, meaning that they allow the wood to breathe. This results in a natural exchange of air and moisture, which is good for the material. Oil and wax-containing glazes, which at the same time have a nourishing effect, are especially recommended for wood as a material.

Wood oil penetrates into the pores and unfolds its protection there by hardening. The natural appearance of the material is thereby hardly changed, so valuable woods such as teak and bangkirai, for example, continue to show their beauty.

Tips & Tricks

Check your wooden objects at least once a year for paint damage, which is especially important outdoors. As soon as you notice that the coating is damaged, you should renew it.

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