Debark wood: It works with these tools

Bark is an integral part of a tree, but it is not needed for most pieces of wood. Unfortunately, the outer shell of the wood is not always easy to remove, especially if the other surface is to remain as undamaged as possible. With the right tool, debarking is no longer a problem: we'll tell you how it works.

Unravel wood with the high-pressure cleaner

For large-scale debarking is the high-pressure cleaner, which is also often used by professionals for this purpose. The power of the jet of water pushes the bark from the ground and creates an undamaged surface.

The debarking of wood with the high-pressure cleaner is therefore particularly recommended if the material under the bark should remain as untouched. Remember to adequately secure your piece of wood before working with water pressure.

For your own protection, you should at least cover your eyes with protective goggles. Flying bark pieces could otherwise cause considerable damage.

Manual debarking with peeling and pulling knife

The manual debarking with different knives has the small disadvantage that, of course, later traces of the blade are on the wooden surface. Since most wooden workpieces are processed anyway, this is unlikely to be a problem.

  • Debarking with the peeling iron: The peeling iron is a very special tool for debarking wood. You can choose from a variety of shapes. Buy a high quality tool with a stable blade for a really good result.
  • Debarking with the drawknife: The drawknife is also suitable for debarking wood, but it is recommended for smaller areas. This type of knife can still be used for various other purposes.

Uncork wood by watering

Watered wood can be relatively easily debarked by hand. If you have the opportunity to put your workpiece in a pond for a few days and cover it completely with water, you will notice it.

After that, the bark can often be peeled off manually in strips without the need for a knife or other tool. Afterwards, however, the wood needs a longer drying period before you can continue working on it.

Tips & Tricks

If you would like to unravel a whole log, ask for a peeling machine in a wood processing company.

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