Varnishing and finishing wooden doors with Dulux varnish

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Varnishing and finishing wooden doors with Dulux varnish: wooden

Colored wooden doors set refined decorative accents. There are no limits to your creative creativity:

Also the antique charm of old wooden doors brings a new paint to its best advantage. Styled doors with cassettes and strips allow wonderful color combinations and quickly become a real highlight.

For the best painting result

Remove first all loose old paintings with a stalk spatula. Well-adhering old coatings clean with lye and degreaser. Rinse with clear water.

Subsequently grind the surface with a 240 grit.

Varnishing and finishing wooden doors with Dulux varnish: finishing

Do not inhale the sanding dust and remove thoroughly.

Holes and cracks fill now with universal wood spatula. Apply this with the Japan spatula in thin layers several times.

A good foundation

Around a particularly high-quality result To achieve, first primer raw wood with a primer. This ensures good adhesion of the subsequent paints.

  • raw Woods with insulating ground primed. Then apply colored varnish.
  • In intact old paintings can the paint applied directly become.
  • For especially high quality and smooth surfaces we recommend primer as an intermediate coat.

    Varnishing and finishing wooden doors with Dulux varnish: dulux

Well accomplished

In conclusion once or twice with varnish.

A particularly uniform surface you get, if you for the surfaces with a fine foam roller, at corners and edges work with a ring or oval brush. So you get lasting shine and a durable surface for years.

Professional tip

Work with filling doors from the inside to the outside. Allow all coats to dry well and sand between the coats if necessary.

Varnishing and finishing wooden doors with Dulux varnish: wooden

We recommend

  • Buntlack / white paint
  • Vorlack
  • Universal filler
  • Ring or oval brush
  • small foam roller
  • stick spatula

    Varnishing and finishing wooden doors with Dulux varnish: varnish

  • Japanese spatula
  • Sandpaper (240 grit)
  • paint bucket
  • kitchen sponge
  • Covering paper, cover foil
  • duct tape

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