Paint wooden fence white - that's the way it works

A white wooden fence emphasizes the rural charm of the house and still fits very well with modern living. But to keep the color outside the fence long, there are a few things to keep in mind. After all, a white fence is only nice if the paint has been applied evenly everywhere and holds perfectly. Here are the instructions to paint the fence white.

Paint the wooden fence white, step by step

  • Acrylic lacquer / boat paint acrylic
  • Dethatcher
  • brush
  • abrasive paper
  • Wurzelbürste
  • sander
  • lacquer bowl

1. Clean

First, of course, the dirt and any moss must be removed from the wooden fence. Use a coarse root brush and possibly a special cleaner that kills the moss at the same time. Then the wood must be rinsed well and then dried.

2. grinding

If the fence has already been painted in a different color, it must be completely sanded off. If the fence is still natural, you can just sand down the wood so that it absorbs the paint well.

3. Priming

To prime the fence, you can use the same acrylic paint as for the final coat. The paint is only slightly diluted more. This will help you avoid any repulsion of the paints. If the wood absorbs the diluted paint very much, you should apply another layer of the thin base coat when the first coat has dried.

4. Swipe

It does a lot of work to paint a wooden fence several times with diluted acrylic paint. But the result is also much better compared to a simple paint job, which consists of only one or two layers. Allow the wooden fence between the individual layers to dry thoroughly over and over again. If rain clouds threaten the sky, it is better to cover the fence with a tarp while it dries.

Tips & Tricks

If all the houses in your area look quite similar and several neighbors already have a white fence, you should simply paint a board of the fence next to the pedestrian walkway, for example, bright red. So you can always give visitors the tip to search for the red fence board, because red mailboxes have long run dead as a hint - the idea has already come to many homeowners.

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