Refining wood: How to create really nice surfaces!

The greatest advantage of the wood lies in the variety of processing options, also in terms of surface treatment. A dull, grayed-out area does not have to stay that way, even raw wood can tolerate a visual finish in addition to a protective coating. You can determine gloss, color and naturalness.

Pre-treatment of the wood: clean and sand

A clean, smooth surface is the alpha and omega of the wood coating. Lukewarm water and curd soap help with cleaning, use a soft brush to apply. Only when the surface is completely dry, the grinding is on:

  • 1st sanding: sandpaper with 100 or 120 grit
  • 2. Sanding: sandpaper with 180 to 240 grit
  • 3. Sanding (fine sanding): Sandpaper with about 280 grit

If you first need to remove very rough bumps, we recommend using a spatula and possibly 80-grit paper. Remember, however, that every scratch must be cut out again!

A selection of the best types of coatings for the finishing of wood

Refine wood by waxing

Depending on the consistency, wax is applied with a brush or cloth, then polish the surface. This gives a fine shine, which emphasizes the grain. Antique wax is particularly well suited to enhance a rustic touch.

Refine wood with oils

Apply the oil with the cloth, let it act for a few minutes and remove the excess again. Oiled wood has a particularly natural character and a beautiful depth of color.

Embellish wood with a glaze

Various glazes are also suitable for visually refining wooden surfaces. Thin-film glazes do not form a surface film, but penetrate into the material and create a pleasant depth effect. However, they offer less protection than thick-layer glazes or paints.

Color wood by pickling

You can achieve a particularly beautiful color effect with different colored stains, which color the wood fibers. Briefly water the wood and sand the high-standing wood fibers. After drying apply the stain in the desired color. Do not forget protective cover!

Tips & Tricks

Old furniture often has a shellac polish, which impresses with a characteristic shine. Shellac is now also available as ready prepared mixture, so you just have to apply and polish it: A beautiful finish on the historical model!

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