Balancing the wooden floor: creating a flat surface

If laminate or tile flooring is to be laid on an old wooden floor, the wood must first be leveled out. Even when laying a carpet, any unevenness expresses unsightly. Therefore, we show you here in the instructions how you can compensate for an old wooden floor, and then apply a new floor covering.

Level the wooden floor

Leveling a wooden floor not only creates a perfectly level surface for your new floor covering. Especially in older single-family homes, the false ceiling is poorly insulated. This leads to sound transmissions between the floors. The leveling compound applied to the wooden floor simultaneously improves the sound insulation between the floors.

Gradually level a wooden floor

  • Primer for leveling compound
  • Leveling compound
  • Wood putty / grout
  • grinding machine
  • spatula
  • Malerrolle
  • sprocket
  • telescopic rod

1. Prepare underground

The wooden floor must be sanded before you can balance it. It does not matter in this case, on beauty. It is more important to find splinters and nails that may stick out. These little quirks must either be sunk or pulled out.

Larger knotholes and damage should be filled with a wooden putty. Through a knothole, the balancing mass can run under the wooden floor, which should be prevented.

2. Prime the wooden floor

So that the wooden floor can permanently bond with the leveling compound, a primer must be applied. The easiest way is with a painter roller, which you attach to a telescopic handle. So you do not have to bend over and have a good reach at work and do not step into the primer. Use the primer sparingly, it must not form puddles. Wood absorbs moisture, but also swells due to too much moisture. The primer and the wooden floor must first thoroughly dry again before the leveling compound can be applied.

3. Mix leveling compound

The leveling compound must be completely mixed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. In this work, you can not gradually work off the room, but must always completely balance the whole floor.

4. Balance wooden floor

The leveling compound is simply poured out on the ground. Then use the spiked roller to distribute the mass evenly throughout the room. Put the spiked roller on the telescopic handle to keep a good distance from the wet mass. But before you can start tiling the floor or laying a laminate, be sure to follow the drying times. Otherwise, the wood may get a moisture damage.

Tips & Tricks

If only very slight bumps are present, you can lay a new laminate floor on a good impact sound insulation. If a footfall sound insulation does not appear to be sufficient for the bumps, then a loose floor is also useful as a compensation for a laminate floor. This could even be removed, in contrast to the balancing mass, which irreparably changes the wood.

Video Board: How to level a wooden floor