Cleaning wooden planks - how best to clean your wooden floorboards

Wooden floors are classically beautiful, but also very sensitive. Depending on the surface treatment, you must be extremely careful when cleaning. What you can do and what you should not do is explained in this article.

Waxed, oiled or sealed

Wooden floorboards can either have a sealed surface, but the classic version is oiled or waxed. These floors are even more sensitive than sealed wooden floors because they lack a real protective layer.

When cleaning, you must always be very careful - even on sealed floors. Wet wiping is the maximum amount of cleaning that such a floor can handle, scrubbing or harsh detergents are prohibited on wood floors.

Wood is also very sensitive to moisture - that is, you should even be careful when wiping, not to spill too much water on the floor. The usual brushing with a lot of soap and water is not really good for a wooden floor and makes it appear dull and stained after a short time.

Which you are not allowed to do

  • Use strong detergents
  • Scrub vigorously or brush
  • to "soak" the soil in water
  • Use microfibre cloths for floor cleaning

Microfibre cloths are also very problematic for sealed floors, because they have a certain abrasive effect, which can actually remove the sealing varnish in the long run - and robs the wood of the important protective layer.

Although you can use floor wax on wooden floors, waxed or oiled floors are no substitute for regular regrowth or oiling, which often has to be done several times a year in highly stressed soils to protect the floor.

Tips & Tricks

To make a wooden floor look clean and shiny, there is a very old home remedy: milk. Just clean the wooden floor with some whole milk. You will be amazed at the effect of this simple remedy.

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