Wooden floorboards on the balcony bring naturalness

For many wood is still the most popular building material for home and garden. Wood looks visually warm and offers versatile uses. Weatherproof outdoor wooden floorboards can be used for a balcony or terrace and cover a stone or concrete floor.

The optics do it

The appearance plays a big role in the choice of a floor covering for the balcony. In addition, it is crucial how extensive the structural changes, which requires the material for laying. Wooden floorboards can be easily installed on the existing balcony floor.

Warmth and naturalness

Who wants to set new accents in his own home, is well advised with the natural material. It brings warmth and is in pleasant contrast to a modern residential building. For the enhancement of larger areas are wooden planks. The effort for the installation is manageable.

Easy installation

A wooden frame, which is applied to the floor or a pedestal foundation, serves for attachment. Alternatively, the boards are joined together and laid "floating" on the floor. The result is a great look that covers old surfaces.

Suitable woods

Once the choice has been made for wooden planks, the decision is made about the type of wood. Wood that is laid outdoors has to last a long time, so be weatherproof. The harder the material is, the better. Classic woods for outdoors are hardwoods such as ash or oak, which remain beautiful for years.

Cheap alternative

Softwoods Douglas fir and pine have established themselves in the area of ​​balconies, they are weather-resistant with permanent impregnation or thermal treatment. Also popular are tropical woods like Bangkirai, which is cheap in price and also durable. Bamboo planks are a natural alternative to tropical wood.

Tips & Tricks

With cheap woods, it's worth taking a closer look, tropical woods should be certified with a FSC seal. The quality here is quite different, so pay attention to serious offers or select native woods.

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