Remove wooden planks - that's how it works

To rebuild a floor, the old wooden floorboards must first be removed. Since you usually do not know what is under the floorboards and how carefully the ancestors nailed then, this work can be a real journey of discovery. Hard work remains in any case, there is no way around it. We show you what to look for.

Remove wooden planks step by step

  • mouthguard
  • Kuhfuß / Nageleisen
  • jigsaw
  • drilling machine

1. Protect

They usually do not know what is under the planks or what poison the original inhabitants soaked these planks. But even simple rat droppings can cause serious health damage. Therefore, it is very important to wear at least a respiratory protection. It would also be better to protect the eyes, because old paint chips are very hard and sharp.

2. Find the beginning

The floorboards are usually completely laid to the wall. With the Kuhfuß then you come hard under the first board. Therefore, you should use a large drill and the drill to drill some large holes in the final board. But careful, if there are still power cables here! If you have such an access, you can disengage a larger piece of the plank board with the jigsaw. Look for the construction timber or floor joists on which the planks are nailed.

3. Lever out planks

On the construction timber, ie the lath or the beam on which the plank wood was nailed, attach the claw of the cow's foot and press it slightly under the wood. Then gently pry the cow foot and press it against the board at the same time. If the plank is easily detached, you can apply the best lever pressure where the nail was hammered. You have to do that with every plank on every crosspiece. Unfortunately, there is no easier way to remove wooden planks.

Tips & Tricks

Unfortunately, there is hardly a tool that does a better job of removing wood planks than a big cow's foot. If you only have a small model, you should take this small investment and buy the one meter long version. In the hardware store this model should be available from about ten euros. You have a much greater leverage and especially when tearing out of planks that can be crucial.

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