Wooden floor: Which types of wood are possible?

Real wooden floors made of solid wood are again very much in vogue - not only in country houses. In addition to the classics such as oak, many other types of wood are now used for plank floors and wooden floors. What these are and what are the special characteristics of these types of wood, you will learn in this post.

Types of wood for the wooden floor

In addition to well-known and traditionally popular local wood species, more and more tropical and exotic wood species are being used for floor construction. Not all types of wood are suitable for a plank floor - this requires certain wood characteristics.

Overview of the most commonly used domestic and tropical wood species

Speciesoptical characterparticularities
Oak woodmany color variations from light to dark tones, also limed or "smoked"the classic - expensive but extremely robust but also difficult to work
beech woodmostly bright, looks very evenly grainedalso hard, good abrasion resistance
maplevery bright, fine-grained graingood stability and wear resistance
pinewoodvery bright, fine grain, looks rusticgood elasticity properties
ash-treevery light wood, balanced graincoarsely fibrous, a little less hard, good elasticity
chestnutmedium-bright, wavy and lively grainrelatively soft, naturally durable against fungi and pests
KirschbaumMedium to dark, under certain circumstances darkens considerably
walnutmany color variants possible, usually distinctly reddish, strongly grained, looks noble and expensivevery high price
larchbright, very rustic-looking, strongly grainedheavy and hard, good weather resistance
afzeliareddish brew, looks exotichard and resistant
Irokogolden brown, exotica little less hard
MerbauDark to reddish brown, with time significantly darkervery hard, also very heavy, robust
WengeBright at first, but darkens strongly to very dark tones, looks tropicalvery hard, robust

In addition to these frequently offered types of wood new, especially tropical wood types are used for floors, such as bamboo. Especially with multi-layer planks can also be many other species in the program, especially the more expensive species in which a solid wood plank would be too expensive,

Here you will find an overview of the most important types of wood worldwide

Wood species used for parquet production can be found here.

Tips & Tricks

Some types of wood can be difficult to work. Even that can make the price of a floorboard - in addition to the actual price of wood - even more expensive.

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