Foiling wood: giving furniture a new look

Are you bored of the sight of your old furniture? Fresh Pep must come, preferably in chic, new colors - only it may not cost much! Then just foil your surfaces and give your interior a whole new face. Furniture film can be glued easily on wood, only the substrate should meet certain conditions.

Prepare surface before foiling wood

Before you foil your wood, ensure a clean, grease-free, dry and stable surface. Fill in dents and quirks and sand off any raised bumps, as these are often visible through the film.

If your wood has a strong grain or other structures that need to be covered, it is recommended to use a primer film. Then apply the actual decorative foil in a wet process.

This is how the sticking of wood works

Always be extremely systematic when laminating wood. First, of course, all possible fittings must be removed and parts removed. Then you stick every single element from all sides with a foil of your choice.

  • Peel off piece by piece from backing paper and at the same time glue on with careful painting
  • Use a rubber squeegee for painting, or it may work with a soft cloth
  • all bubbles must be spread out to the outside
  • fold the film around the edges
  • Carefully pierce the remaining bubbles with a pointed needle and glue on the foil
  • Cut off with scissors, cutter or scalpel

Foiling wood is not always the best choice

If you do not like to work with paints and varnishes, you will definitely be pleased about the possibility of reshaping your furniture with foil. But it's not always foliation that is the best choice.

With foil it is difficult to produce sharp edges, even bulging and rounding often presents difficulties in practice. In addition, the crease-free and bubble-free bonding is not always as easy as the eager do-it-yourselfer imagines.

Tips & Tricks

We recommend that you limit the filming to larger, flat viewing surfaces and at the same time rely on the combination of surface effects. Foil next to pure wood and varnished surface can be very sexy.

Video Board: How to Make Look of Forged Metal with Aluminum Foil by EcoHe