Build a wooden well yourself - here the construction manual

First of all, making a real wood well yourself is not enough for an afternoon. The well needs a little more time, but the result is later sensational and the pride of the handyman sure as well. Here we show you in a construction manual how you can build a rustic wood well yourself.

Make a wood well yourself step by step

  • 1 tree trunk about 50 cm in diameter / 100 cm long
  • 1 tree trunk about 30 cm in diameter / 80 cm long
  • 2 strains about 12 cm in diameter / 70 cm long
  • small gully made of wood
  • trunk cover
  • possibly perforated tape
  • possibly epoxy resin
  • pump
  • hoses
  • ax
  • chisel
  • mallet
  • saw
  • drilling machine
  • appropriate drills
  • rough rasp
  • file
  • sandpaper

1. Build the base

The two short trunks are first notched with a semicircular trough, which corresponds approximately to the diameter of the well trunk. Try to make sure that the trunks are well adapted to the trunk by simply placing the small trunks on the thick trunk in reverse order.

Hollow out the trunk

This, of course, is the hardest work in building a wood well. To make the shape even, you should mark the trough that you would like to have later in the trunk. Make sure there is sufficient clearance to the edge to prevent it from breaking out.

Then it's basically just muscle work. You can do a lot of things with a special wood drill, with which you can literally empty the bowl.

3. Water supply

If the water is to come out of an upright trunk, of course, this must be pierced in full length. Here you may cheat and saw through the trunk lengthwise. Later, use perforated tape at the bottom and top to hold it together again. At the top, you can conceal this with an already necessary cover, and below you can make that part disappear into the ground.

4. pump

The pump should also disappear as invisibly as possible. Ideal for this is a box embedded in the ground, which will not be noticeable later. Check the water pressure and make sure that the pump does not run dry.

Tips & Tricks

For your wood well, you need at least a tree trunk with a diameter of about 50 centimeters. If you go into the forest, get your permission from the forester first. Maybe this tribe also already costs something.

But use only oak or ash, otherwise you have made all the effort for a very short pleasure. However, if you use softwood, you can use epoxy resin. So the wood is absolutely weatherproof after a simple coating and you have something longer from your well.

Video Board: Assembly: Wooden Wishing Well (SKY2399)