The wooden frame construction at the prefabricated house

Timber frame construction is the classic and a very popular way to build a prefabricated house - but what is it? In this article, you will learn how timber frame construction works and what benefits it offers you when you build and later live in the house.

How does timber frame construction work?

The principle of timber frame construction is very simple: a wooden structure made up of a large number of beams forms the supporting base to which walls, ceilings and the roof are later attached. This construction is not only stable and durable, but also allows the very short construction times of a prefabricated house (or the shell), which usually last only a few days. Since the wooden beams are prefabricated in the factory, they only have to be mounted on the construction site.

The numerous advantages of timber frame construction

The timber frame construction offers practically no disadvantages. The first big advantage is the flexibility: If you want to build up your prefabricated house in retrospect or grow something, this is not a problem; The wooden structure is simply extended by "a few bars". However, this flexibility not only allows structural extensions, but also a very variable floor plan, in which changes are also easy.

The wooden frame construction at the prefabricated house: construction

Living in a prefabricated house, timber frame construction offers further advantages: you not only benefit from a pleasant, natural room climate, but also from excellent thermal insulation. The good insulation properties of wood ensure maximum efficiency and thus lower operating costs.

Last but not least, wood frame construction also protects your wallet: In contrast to other, mostly solid constructions, this construction method is relatively cheap and allows investment in other things, such as the furnishings. But not only from a financial point of view, this construction is cheap: The relatively thin walls ensure optimal use of space; The effect of wall widths is often underestimated in the calculation of housing.

Tips & Tricks

Find out about the ways in which a prefabricated house can be built at various prefab providers. In addition to the timber frame construction, there are also other options that are also efficient and in some cases even more useful than timber frame construction. Before you decide on a house, you should be informed.

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