Timber stand construction makes prefabricated house so attractive

Only by the wooden stand construction, most prefabricated houses were so cheap. The high level of prefabrication that takes place in a dry factory hall speeds up construction and reduces costs. In addition, the drying times during construction are eliminated.

Hall production reduces construction defects

Bad weather can not affect the prefabrication of prefabricated houses if it is done in a wooden stand construction in a hall. This reduces moisture damage to a minimum and at the same time speeds up the construction, since no bad weather conditions hinder the construction.

Of course, there are many good ways to build a prefab house, but the timber stand construction has outstripped everyone in its simplicity. In addition, there is the good opportunity to provide the walls with a strong insulation.

Timber stand construction makes prefabricated house so attractive: prefabricated

The wall construction is easy to create thanks to the skeleton construction. For this purpose, the upright uprights are first designed and then connected to each other with the upper and lower beams. As a rule, a stand distance of 62.5 centimeters is chosen.

This distance allows the use of standardized panels both indoors and out. This is hardly waste and the house construction is additionally reduced.

Convenient to the home with the prefabricated house

It has never been so cheap to create your own home and family. This is not only due to the currently very low interest rates, but above all in the quick and simple construction, which is made possible by the wooden stand construction method.

Tips & Tricks

If possible, have a look at the builder of your prefab house once in production, before you conclude the sales contract. If it is busy but clear, you can settle for a contract.

However, if the exterior is manufactured without weather protection, you should at least check with other builders who have already built their own home with this developer, as wet or dry the houses fail later.

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