Wooden stand construction for many generations

Many things that are bought today are pure disposable items. Hardly anything has been made to last a long time. This is different with a wooden stand house. Contrary to all prejudices holds a house in timber frame construction over several generations.

Family house for the grandchildren

To put it bluntly, one's own grandchildren can still see their grandchildren growing up in a wooden stand house. Of course, nobody thinks that far ahead when building a house. It should simply be energy efficient and durable.

Suffice it to say that a house that was built in timber frame construction, can be quite 100 years and older. This is ensured by carefully dried wood and a reliable developer. The wooden stand house is in no way inferior to a massively built house.

Wooden stand construction for many generations: construction

What leads to a long-lasting house in timber frame construction?

If possible, the house should be built in the summer months to prevent moisture in the wood. If you help yourself with the construction, you should definitely stock up with tarpaulins and films to be able to react quickly in the rain.

These little actions will pay off later. On the one hand with a long life for one's own home and on the other with a healthy indoor climate. Because there will be no mold in the walls einnisten.

If possible, a pitch of 62.5 centimeters should be respected. This facilitates the implementation of walls later and during the construction period, the interior as well as the insulation can be performed without costly waste.

Extend the life of the timber stand house

  • Use only dry, clean wood
  • Protect wood against insect attack
  • Keep shell work dry during construction
  • Protect wooden parts that are exposed to the weather

Tips & Tricks

Do not choose the wall thickness too thin. Even though you may save a bit on construction, you still can not accommodate enough insulation in it and have to quickly spend the savings again on heating costs.

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