Wood gasification and power generation - a real alternative?

Households need not only heating but also electricity. In special Holvergasern can produce both. In some cases this can be a very good and artificial alternative. Read here what is important.

Combined heat and power plants have a high degree of efficiency

When not only heat but also - mostly via steam as an intermediate stage - electrical energy is extracted from a combustion process, this is called combined heat and power. This principle is used not only in large power plants, but also increasingly in mini-power plants for the individual household. Wood gasifiers can also be built as cogeneration plants, and thus simultaneously used for heat generation and power generation.

Technically, the high efficiency is particularly interesting, which is much higher than comparable individual systems, in practice, especially the double use of a single system for both purposes, and the ability to be completely independent of public utilities. In general, this is also feasible with wood gasifiers, which are then usually constructed as a fluidized bed gasifier, and in which the desired wood gas is obtained by incomplete combustion under exclusion of air.

The independence from the power grid is an interesting alternative, the performance of the systems is usually more than adequate for households. As a rule, either wood chips or sawdust are used for the operation, which usually represent quite favorable fuels as waste products of the wood industry.

The double function as a disadvantage

However, the main disadvantage of such systems is also in the dual function: in order to generate the electricity needed in summer, the carburetor must be operated - the heat not needed in the warm season must be dissipated. Often this is only possible with restrictions, in addition to the fact that during the summer months fuel is consumed to generate electricity.

In any case, the planning of such plants must be done with great caution, in addition, the need for wood chips or sawdust must be planned accordingly, and the system must be large enough to provide both the necessary electricity and the entire heating on very cold winter days to deliver.

Tips & Tricks

Be sure to inquire about current subsidies if you want to install a combined heat and power plant (CHP) - in many cases, in addition to general subsidies for biomass plants, there are also additional subsidies for plants that operate as CHP plants,

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