Wood carburetor construction manual - the most important in a nutshell

Homemade wood gasifiers are quite possible - but there are some things to consider. What is important for the individual steps, you can read here.

Wood gasifier is not equal to wood gasifier

Of course, the design and dimensioning of your wood gasifier always depends on what it should be used in the end. The easiest to build yourself are fixed-bed gasifier with a vibrating plate and a supply of the heating material from above.

If your wood gasifier is to be part of a small combined heat and power plant, you must also consider this in advance in the design. In many cases, a gas purification system is necessary here, in addition, the wood gasifier must be matched in its design to the rest of the system


Planning yourself requires a lot of experience and technical know-how, but you should not just blindly follow plans from the internet, but always check critically whether there are any errors or weak points. Many of them will only be discovered during a test run, so you should take the time for rework and careful checking into account.

Step by step to the wood gasifier brand Eigenbau

1. Plan the construction

Basically, wood gasifiers are very simple: you need a suitable carburetor room, a vibrating plate, a feed for the heating material, a condensation process and a gas discharge.

Plan all parts very carefully and, above all, adjust the dimensions of the individual parts to each other and the intended use of the wood gasifier, and at the end check your entire planning carefully for any technical errors or weak points.

2. Mount the parts

When assembling parts, be sure to work carefully and follow your plan. You should always make changes and deviations from the plan after completion - this ensures that you do not make any careless mistakes.

3rd practice test

In particular, if the wood gasifier is only part of a larger system - such as a CHP -, you should first individually extensively test for errors and vulnerabilities and fix them carefully. It's still the easiest thing to do at this time, but if everything is already assembled, it will be more difficult.

Tips & Tricks

Dare to build a wood gasifier only if you have enough experience. Simply following downloaded instructions from the Internet without sufficient technical knowledge can be problematic, as many of these instructions have minor flaws and vulnerabilities that you should knowingly handle and correct.

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