Self-made wood gasifier - the most important steps and things to keep in mind

A wood gasifier can be used to generate heat, power or even drive vehicles. You can read here how to build a simple fixed bed gasifier yourself.

What is important when building your own?

Wood gasifiers can be very simple, especially if they are planned as a fixed bed gasifier. However, this also always depends on the entire system - if you want to build a small combined heat and power plant, with which you generate both heating and electricity, your wood gasifier will have to be a little more complicated, because you also usually need a gas purification system.

It is therefore important, above all, that you always keep an eye on the intended use. Also, use only good quality materials and, if necessary, discuss your planning with a specialist before proceeding with the implementation.

The right sizing can also be a tricky thing. Think and calculate very carefully here, and if possible, try to stick to already proven empirical values.

Step by step to the self-built wood gasifier

1. Planning

Plan carefully and carefully - taking into account the necessary dimension of your wood gasifier. Note that you also need a masonry inside, a condensate drain and a correctly sized gas discharge.

Plan your heating material from the outset as well - depending on the grain size you have to adjust the feed accordingly.

2. Assembly

Always follow your plan exactly, which you should ideally discuss with a specialist.

If possible, do not make any changes during the assembly phase - there will be time for rework later.

3. Testing before commissioning

Be sure to thoroughly test the wood carburettor before adding more parts to the system. This makes it easy to detect and fix errors.

Tips & Tricks

If you have no experience in building, do not hesitate to seek sound expert advice. Do not trust blindly any plans that you download from the Internet - not all are technically mature, some even have significant weaknesses.

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