Build wood gasifier yourself - that's how it works

Wood gas is an interesting and very ecological fuel that can be used in a variety of ways - including in a mini combined heat and power plant for power generation and heating at home. The wood gas is won from a wood gasifier, which can be built with a little skill and experience. Read here how it works.

Background information

How the wood gasifier must be built up depends largely on the purpose for which the wood gas is intended. After all, with wood gas you can not only generate electricity and heat the house, but even operate vehicles. The structure of the wood gasifier is but then in each case significantly different.

Below is the basic structure of a wood gasifier for a mini-CHP be described.

Step by step to the self-built wood gasifier

depending on the construction

1. Planning

Important for the planning is the heating material used - the most flexible chips are the granules G25 or G30 with a moisture content of 25%. For this you also need a suitable feeder which you have to plan with.

The wood carburetor itself - as a fixed bed gasifier - needs on the inside a fireclay, preferably a vibrating plate and a correspondingly planned discharge for the recovered gas. Consider in advance whether you also need a gas purification system and plan it if necessary.

2. Assembly

Once your plans have been completed, you should check carefully to make sure you have not forgotten anything. Then you can go to action.

Obtain the required materials and get started. Depending on what your planning looks like, you can use pre-fabricated parts for most of your wood gasifier.

3rd test run

After installation, before using the wood gasifier, make sure to start a short test run to immediately identify and correct any problems.

Tips & Tricks

Always be very careful when using building instructions from the Internet: not all are technically perfect, many of you need to improve yourself afterwards. Under no circumstances should you blindly trust a manual, but always focus on it with a critical eye.

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