Grind wood with the multitool

Prepare grinding pad

The sanding deltas come with a practical velcro fastening system on the delta sanding pad attached. The holes in the sanding pad are normally used for extraction, as the Bosch PMF 250 CES does not have a suction system, they are ineffective in our case.

After mounting the sanding pad, the Oscillation speed set, the sanding is recommended maximum setting (level 6). Then you can start.

Grind wood with the multitool: grind

Attach delta sand pad

Grind wood with the multitool: sanding

Set the oscillation speed

Grind wood with the multitool

Now the grinding process begins: Sovereign and yet gentle the old, weathered wooden surface is removed.

The Device is light, handy and transmits the Vibration of the tool head feltbut not unpleasant in the hand. The first result is quickly revealed: the raw sanding grit 80 brings out the raw, healthy wood.

Even the narrow edges between the individual slats pose no challenge. The tool can be easily pushed into the gaps and removes there, at least at this edge width, the weathered wood quickly and thoroughly.

Grind wood with the multitool: sanding

Grind surfaces

Grind wood with the multitool: sanding

Sand edges

The following video shows how the Bosch PMF 250 CES behaves when grinding.

The result: excellent and thorough

The result is impressive. Very quickly, at least the first half of the garden furniture was sanded, the Thoroughness leaves nothing to be desired, By for a Grinding machine powerful engine The weathered wood is quickly removed.

Sanding marks or injuries of the wood are not visible, also across the fiber can be sanded. The extremely fast oscillatory movements ensure a gentle and yet thoroughly polished.

Grind wood with the multitool: multitool

The result

Grind wood with the multitool: sanding

The used sanding deltas

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