Wooden lattice window - which prices do you have to expect?

Lattice windows give a house a much higher quality and homelike look than ordinary windows. But they are also slightly more expensive. What prices you have to expect for scion windows, and what differences there are, read here.

Price differences

Lattice window is not the same as lattice window. You always have to differentiate:

  • what material the window consists of
  • What type of rungs are installed in the window (real or "spurious" rungs)
  • Windows with additional equipment (ornamental glass, additional rungs)

Historic windows that have a true-to-the-original historic look are even more expensive than conventional lattice windows. Their prices can be up to € 1,000 or even more per window.

Wooden lattice window - which prices do you have to expect?: which

In real lattice windows, the rungs are an actual part of the frame. The frame quadrilaterals formed by the rungs are glazed individually.

Fake sprouts, however, are only placed on the inside or outside. This is much cheaper than real sprouts, since the frame surface can be glazed as a whole. For real lattice windows, on the other hand, there are four or more "single windows" that need to be glazed.

target prices

Sprout windows are not only made of wood, but also of plastic. For the wooden windows you have to distinguish between historical and contemporary lattice windows.

Real lattice windows made of wood, where the rungs are actually incorporated into the frame, are priced depending on the size of the window in the range of 350 - 400 EUR.

Larger windows are more expensive, special heat protection glazing or safety glazing usually cost in addition. Even more high-quality features you usually have to pay extra.

Historic windows

Historical windows have, as already mentioned, a much higher price. Windows that have to be historically correct, or have to match a historical model, usually start at double this price.

Such windows for the preservation of monuments are also made by only a few manufacturers.

False sprout windows

Windows with attached rungs are much cheaper. Attached sprouts can also be ordered in addition to many types of windows. In most cases, the prices for additional rungs for wooden windows made to order are around 40 - 70 EUR.

However, this is only a rough guideline, since the prices depend very much on the respective window model. However, if you would like to have sprouts on your windows, it will be the cheapest option. Additional patch sprouts have the same appearance as real lattice windows, but are much cheaper.

Important when changing windows

In the case of the lattice window as well, of course, the same conditions apply as with the replacement of all other windows. It is important that the windows reach the required U value and have the required security features.

In terms of U-value, lattice windows are sometimes slightly worse than a comparable continuous window. This is because the sprouts can increase the U-value of the window slightly. Compared to the continuous window, the risk of thermal bridges is slightly higher. You should pay attention to this.

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