Paint wood panel clean in 3 steps

Many do-it-yourselfers still shy away from painting wood themselves. Especially on glossy surfaces, few dare to approach. But with just three simple steps, almost every wood panel can be painted perfectly. Here we show you the three important steps for the perfect painting of wood panels.

Step by step paint wood panels

  • paint
  • Sandpaper (different grain sizes)
  • primer
  • putty
  • sander
  • spatula
  • brush
  • role
  • lacquer bowl

1. Preliminary work

Holes and notches in the wooden plate should first be closed with a suitable filler. For most wood putties, the material shrinks slightly as it dries in the holes. So if you have to fill in larger holes, you should do that gradually. Because a too large blob of putty also forms cracks when drying easily.

Not only do you choose the putty to match the wood or fiber material, but also consider the subsequent varnishing. Materials that can not tolerate repel each other. The paint might not last on the filled surface.

2. Sand and smooth

Almost more important than a good finish is the preparation. The wood panel must be gradually sanded smoothly in several sanding cycles. Start with a coarse grain and grind from grain to grain to the perfect surface.

If you want to achieve a high-gloss finish, this step is even more extensive. The surface should feel like a piece of glass after grinding.

3. Painting and priming

For the primer you can use the same varnish as for the final wood panel. With acrylic paint, the paint for the primer is simply diluted a little with clear water. After drying the primer, the wood panel is once again worked with very fine sandpaper.

When painting, it is important to always paint the wood panel in the direction of the grain. If possible, attach to one end of the panel and pull the roller or brush in a smooth line to the other end.

Tips & Tricks

If the wood is to be painted in the Shabby look, it does not necessarily have to be sanded off. The lime paints can be applied directly to the wood or even to coated wood panels. Afterwards, the color usually has to be sealed with wax.

Artikelbild: Billion Photos / Shutterstock

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